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Recirculation Systems

RECIRCULATION SYSTEMS for nursing and holding

The "Aqua-Circle" modules for nursery and holding are available for a yearly production-capacity of 1-2 t (125-250 kg standing crop) and consists of 2 square and one filter tanks with the needed technique and equipment. The water from the fish tanks are cleaned through a particle filter to remove suspended solids prior to bio-filtration. The bacterial settlement for nitrification will develop on the packages of the reactor, mud will be removed through the current. Our bio-reactors have the gigantic settlement-area of over 900 m2 per cubic meter filter material and therefore we need only very small filter units. Through the introduction of fine air bubbles through a special aeration- and lift construction our systems work without pumps and therefore require less energy thereby reducing costs. Through compact construction, this system can be installed any time and anywhere without rebuilding or extension expenses. Aquaponic kits or hydroponic sets are available optionally.

Recirculation System

RECIRCULATION SYSTEMS for the intensive production

The "Aqua-Source" modules for production are available for a yearly production-capacity of 50 t/year (standing crop 10 t) onward and allow our customers to get familare with the technique and topic without high risks. The water from the fishtanks is cleaned through a drum filter to remove suspended solids prior to bio-filtration, where the nitrification process and the aeration takes place. From there the water is pumped to the fishtanks, wich could be adapted to customer wishes in form, size and number. The use of UV- or ozone is possible too. This system is available for all fish species (also salmonids). Beside consulting and planning we offer also training and service as well as the seed (fingerlings) etc.

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Filtration Systems

Pressure Filter UV-CPRESSURE FILTERS with cleaning technic

This compact prssure filters with integrated UV-C lamp (9-18 Watt for up to 9.000 hours) are complete filter systems with ecological threefold operation technic (mechanical/biological/optical), to solve all filter problems in garden ponds or aquarium tanks. An integrated user friendly backwash system allows an easy maintenance without opening of the filter. The water leaving the filter has the same pressure as the entering water and therefore may can also used for waterfalls or injectors and therefore provides for a better oxygenation. The filters have a diameter of approx. 37-42 cm and a height of 53-60 cm. They can stand free or set into the ground, below or above the water outlet and used for fresh- or saltwater. The filters are available in two sizes with a volume of 25-35 l and 1" hose connections, for a recommended water flow of approx. 2.000-4.500 l/h and tank or pond size of 2-6 resp. 4-12 m3 (with resp. without fish stock).


Sandfilter with pumpSAND FILTERS for high comfort

This sand filters are made of glassfibre reinforced polypropylene or polyester and available in various sizes, heights and types (diameter 0.4-0.9 m, height 0.6-1.5 m). The filter units with high performance are available as single systems with or without distribution cross and outlet valve, manometer (with automatic and/or manual air removement) or also complete with pipes and ready for connection (230 Volt/50 Hz) with 6-way backwash valve, selfpriming 6-32 m3/h filterpump (with large debrits collector in pastic) mounted on a noise reducing plate made of plastic. The special filter sand (0.4-6.0 mm) is available as accessoire. An automatic backwash system is available for all modells and guarantees high comfort and safety.


CHAMBER FILTERS with swirl seperator

This new compact filters are used specially for holding units and garden ponds and are very effective for the fine and raw filtration. The system can be operated by gravity or pumps and can be placed into the ground or stands free. A long inlet opening secures that the water in the vortex rotates slowly, so that the larger waste particles are traped in the center of the bottom. The build-in flow channels force the water to flow trough the filter media (i.e.: Filter brushes, Japan matts, Sinter glas, Aqua rock, Bio balls, Poly foam etc.). The waste particles concentrate at each cone, where they can be removed reularely by opening of a gate valve. The models are made from glassfibre reinforced polyester (GRP) and are delivered with cover and outlet pipes. They are available with or without filter material.

The following Center-Vortex models are available:

Type/Model C20 C30 C50 C80 C100
Size L + W cm 85 107 140 165 193
Hight cm 65 75 80 100 100
Vortex cm 45 50 75 95 110
In/Outlet mm 110/110 110/110 110/110 110/160 110/160
Flow approx. m3/h 4 6 9 12 16
Pond volume max. 20 30 50 80 100

On request also Row-Vortex filters with 3-5 filter chambers are available.


DRUMM FILTERS with high capacity

This drumfilters for the mechanical cleaning of medium to heavy loaded aquaculture or industry waste waters are made from stainless steel and are available complete with filter frames and screens, cleaning pump, electric control and with or without installation tank. The filters are available for flow capacities of 8-750 or 7-500l/sec (at max. 10 mg or 25 mg load per liter), with filter screens from 20-100 m, and a filter area of 0,5-13,76 m2. The energy demand is 180-750 watt and the water demand for cleaning is 0,13-1,10 l/sec at 2,5 bar.

Drum filter without installation tankDrum filter with installation tank

The following types are available as standard:














Diameter cm


























Filterarea m2













Motor Watt













Filtercapacity l/s at:


36 ym













43 ym













63 ym













80 ym













Filtercapacity in liter per second at 25-10 mg/l in suspension.


Protein SkimmerPROTEIN SKIMMERS for aquaculture and aquaria

This protein scimmers or foam fractionators have a good dimensioned volume of the reaction- and foam tube. A special injection unit generates a vacuum, where air is succed in and distributed in fine bubbles. In seawater the single bubbles have a volume of 0,065 mm3, a surface of 0,785 mm2 and a diameter of 0,5 mm. Each liter air generates therefore a total surface of 12 m2. A rotating (patented) nozzle system cleans the foam tube and the foam collector. Over a valve (optional automatic) water cleans the nozzle sytems. A regulating system allows to operate the scimmer also under extreme differing situations of water column. Each scimmer could be also used as ozone reactor, and the contoll is doen by redox potential meters. The optimal retention time is about 2 min., if the flow rate is increased the retention time decrease.

The following types are available as standard:

Type/Diameter 250 300 500 700 850 1000 1200 1500 2000 2500
Volume m3 0,07 0,10 0,27 0,63 1,40 1,90 2,71 4,30 7,50 11,70
Height m 2,3 2,3 2,3 2,6 3,6 3,6 3,6 3,6 3,6 3,6
Air suction m3/h 1,2 0,9 5,0 7,7 11,0 15,0 22,0 35,0 75,0 115,0
Power kw 0,35 0,35 0,75 0,85 1,40 2,80 3,60 4,20 11,40 14,55
Retention time min 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2
Flow rate m3/h 2 3 8 19 40 56 81 125 226 350

We deliver also ozone generators with a capacity of 1-1000 g/h.


BIOFILTER MEDIA with large settlement area

Biofilter MaterialFor Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) as well as aquaria and gardenponds or for the biological cleaning of wast waters after fish farms or culture ponds  we supply the settling material for the biofilter which can be used in flow filters as well as sprinkling filters. The filter materials have a large settlement area for bacteria and allow a high removement rate respectively a good biological cleaning of ammonia or nitrate (nitrification/denitrification) of the water of approx. 0.5 g NH4-N/m2 in flow filters (in fresh water at a water temperature of over 20 C). In moving bead or flow filters, 60-80 % of the filter volume can be filled with filter material. In standing or sprinkling filters, with a reduced cleaning capacity respective with more filter material of 20-40 % must be calculated. In seawater as well as at water temperatures under 15 C, with a reduced cleaning capacity respectively with more filter material of 40-60 % must be calculated.

The following types are available as standard:

Material/Form Polyethylene/cylindric-round
Type H065 H050 H038 H025 H018 H017 H014 H012 H007
m2/m3 total approx. 100 150 200 300 500 600 700 850 900
m2/m3 protected approx. 85 125 150 225 350 400 650 700 500
kg/m3 dry weight approx. 40 50 55 70 110 125 150 150 160

The numbers mentioned in the types are the average dimensions of the products in mm (+/- 20 %).

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Conditioning Systems

HEATERS AND CHILLERS for aquaria and aquaculture

Climatisator (Chiller/Heater) Typ TK-3000This compact (CE-certified) flow-through heating and/or cooling systems can be used for various liquid media (also seawater or foods) and are very save and secure in operation through the missing direct contact to the media. An electronic control via a high precision thermostate and the continous display of the temperature via a digital thermometer allows an easy and exact control of the temperature (0-35 degree C). The min. flow is 500 l/h up to type 20 and 3000 l/h from typ 30 onward. An ecologic cooling gas (R134a or R410a) and a low power consumption are features of this transportable and easy to install systems. The standard connection is 230 Volt 50 Hz. Systems with integrated UV-C System, higher capacity or other voltages are possible on request.

The following types are available as standard:

Type/Capacity TK-500 TK-1000 TK-2000 TK-3000 TK-6000
Power Watt 150/400 260/400 380/400 710/800 910/1200
Connections mm 16/20 16/20 16/20 25/25 25/25
Weight kg 17 20 22 42 50
Dimensions (LxWxH) cm 31x31x42 31x31x46 31x31x50 60x39x65 60x39x65

*Capacity (0.5 W/l) in liter water volume at 5 C temperature difference from ambient air to water (+/- 10 %).
Calculation of net energy: m3/h x °C x 1,16 = kwh.


UV-C Inline system (with control box)WATER DESINFECTION with ultraviolet light

Ultraviolet light (UV) destroys microorganisms (like: virus, bacteria, fungus, parasites, algae, etc.) by changing their genetic information (DNA), but does not produce residual or hazardous by-products, nor does it affect the tast, odor or color characteristics of the treated water. It is light with very high energy levels and wavelength of 200-400 nanometer (nm). The most effective ultraviolet light for disinfection is UV-C (200-280 nm), specially with a wavelength of 254 nm.
The heart of the UV systems are high-performance lamps (low pressure technology) which provide a stable UV output through a wider temperature range (1-45 C). This special lamps show higher degrees of effectiveness and stability than other conventional lamps. They also exhibit a high UV power output (up to three times more than competitive low pressure lamps) and long operating live (9,000 h), resulting in decreased overall costs. The efficient lamps have a high UV emission in the area of the effective wavelengths (254 nm), that makes it possible to destroy up to 99.99 % of all pathogens in water. To further increase efficiency, reliability and service lifetime, electronic power supplies (ballasts) for the lamps where developed. In addition, the new electronic ballast replaces several components required in conventional systems, reducing overall electrical cabinet size and heat transfer requirements.
By studying various reactor geometries with respect to the UV intensity distribution and hydraulic characteristics (0.5-6.0 bar), specific reactors types in stainless steel (AISI 316 or V4A) with 1-16 lamps where developed to provide effective desinfection while minimising overall power requirements. Our systems have a modular design, which enables us to draw up solutions that are specified to our clients' needs in all areas of ultraviolet desinfection for up to sereral m3/h. This systems are characterised by their high desinfection performance, combined with compact construction and low energy consumption (220-240 V/50-60 Hz).

Type IS-40 IS-80 IS-120 IS-160 IS-240 IS-320 IS-780 IS-1040
Power (Hg) 40 W 80 W 120 W 160 W 240 W 320 W 780 W 1040 W
Lamps 1 pc. 2 pc. 3 pct. 4 pc. 6 pc. 8 pc. 12 pc. 16 pc.
Capacity* 2,4 m3/h 4,6 m3/h 7 m3/h 9 m3/h 15 m3/h 20 m3/h 50 m3/h 65 m3/h
Connections 1" 1,5" 2" 2" 3" 3" 4" 4"
Weight 5 kg 12 kg 13 kg 15 kg 32 kg 33 kg 45 kg 52 kg

*Capacity for drinking water with 98 % transparency at 400 J/m2, if the flow is doubled the dose is halved (enough for fishes)!


UV-C sumbmersible system (with holding plate)SUBMERSIBLE STERILIZERS for pipes, cannels, tanks and ponds

This UVC submersible emitters acts in order to sterilize water in pipes, canals, tanks and ponds etc. The diving emitters are made of stainless steel and accomplished as watertight. The (30 mm diameter) tube of the diving lamp is sealed up and screwed in the stainless steel (AISI 306 or V4A) case. The unit can be assembled or retrofitted with few movements. The diving emitter gets fixed by spring terminals on a stainless steel fixture. The pre-switch electronics (230 V), properly attuned to the emitter, is included in the delivery and can be integrated in a switchboard. Consequently an access or function control during the operation of the unit are warranted. The fuse protection by a GFCI ground fault circuit interrupter is necessary. The lifetime of high-power radiation (Quicksilver or Amalgam) is 16.000 h - quality you can rely on. The 3 m cable between the lamp and ballast can be extended on request on 6 or 9 m. Simply installation and maintenance in existing plants and pools. The watertight emitter can be mounted with a mounting plate on the wall or bottom or floating or hanging without any plate.

Type TS-400 TS-600 TS-800
Power (Hg/Am.) 18/55 W 29 W 40/110 W
Total lenght 45 cm 65 cm 85 cm
Total weight 1,5 kg 1,6 kg 1,7 kg

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Holding Systems

HOLDING AQUARIA for fish and seafood

Holding aquariumAn aquarium should be seen as a complex grouping of elements functioning synergetically to maintain constancy of environmental characteristics, countering any variation whatsoever and simulating as far as possible the whole biological cycle that is present in nature and indispensable to the live of the aquatic animals. This professional range of aquariums are designed for holding of live crustacea or fishes at a working temperature of 10-30 C and consists of double glass walls in which the two layers of glass are separated by a dry air gap. The aquaria are delivered as complete assembled units with ALU-frame and PVC-panels (70 cm high, colour: black) with cover and lights (IP67), external mechanical/biological filter, circulation pump and chiller with thermostate, as well as cable and plough. Energy consumption 680-1200 W.  The two larger systems are also available with two-compartment aquaria. Single wall glas aquaria (200-600 l volume) with stainless steel frame, on request.

The following models are available as standard:

Modell AT-70 AT-100 AT-150 AT-200
Dimensions (LxDxH) 70x50x140 cm 100x50x140 cm 150x60x140 cm 200x60x140 cm
Aquaria volume 180 l 220 l 450 l 600 l
Holding capacity 5 kg 15 kg 25 kg 35 kg


HOLDING TANKS for crustacea and mollusca

Holding tank with recirculation systemThis proven (GRP) glassfibre reinforced polyester tanks (isolated with polyurethane) are specially suitable for the holding of crustaceea and molluscs (like: lobsters and clams etc.). The units are delivered complete with in the bottom integrated mechanical-biological filter (Lithothamnium calcareum) with pre-filter, titanum-chiller (R134) with digital display and thermostate, UV-C and recirculation system with PVC-pipes. They are build for a electric connection of 380 V/50 Hz (230 V on request) and a working temperature of 5-25 degree C.

The following types are available as standard:

Modell/Volume A660 B990 C1320
Outside dimensions cm 220x130x102 320x130x102 420x130x102
Inside dimensions cm 200x110x34 300x110x34 400x110x34
Holding capacity kg 70-140 110-220 150-300


POLYESTER TANKS in all forms, sizes and colours

This tanks have a long proven history (30 years) and are manufactured of (GRP) glassfibre reinforced polyester layers (450 g/m2). The conical forms, the funnel shaped outlets and the absolutely smooth inside finish ensure the system is practically self cleaning. Therefore it is possible to hold sensitive bottom fish or fish larvae too. The whole pools and especially the edging very strong, allowing attachment of automatic feeders or other equipment. The tanks are delivered in different shapes, sizes and colours. Optional laminated feet make it possible to place the pools safe on any bottom and ensure easy lightweight handling or transportation. The outlets are made from PVC - pipe (110 mm ) with water level regulation, which is fixed under the bottom and leaded at the tank side. A bottom or stand sieve is available as accessoire.

Circular basins in all sizes and forms! Rectangulare tanks in all sizes and forms!



Circular pool with linerThis pools (2.0-8.0 m diameter and 0.9-1.5 m high) can be placed in or on the ground and consists of a 0.4-0.7 mm strong galvanized iron wall which is painted inside and plastic covered outside. The lower and upper bottom- and hand-rails are made of strong plastic to ensure a long selflife. Inside the pools are lined with a 0.6-0.8 mm strong PVC liner with exact fitting in blue colour (other colours like black or gray, on request). If prefered we deliver also just the robust and soft PVC pond liner in a thickness of 0.5 to 1.5 mm in the colours black or green, on coils with a wide of  2-8 m and a length of 15-50 m, or as finished liners in any size.

The following sizes are available as standard:

Volume Diameter Hight
  2600 l 2.00 m 0.90 m
  6000 l 3.00 m 0.90 m
  8000 l 3.00 m 1.20 m
11000 l 3.50 m 1.20 m
15000 l 4.15 m 1.20 m
18000 l 4.50 m 1.20 m
21000 l 4.50 m 1.35 m
28000 l 5.00 m 1.50 m
40000 l 6.00 m 1.50 m
58000 l 7.00 m 1.50 m
75000 l 8.00 m 1.50 m

We plan and design also new hatchery, nursery or re-circulation farms!

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