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Slaughtering & Gutting


Stunning deviceThis device is specially suitable for the fast and easy stunning (electroanesthesia) of fishes (up to 50 kg/cycle) before killing and slaughtering. It works with electricity over a transformer (Input 230 Volt, Output 42 Volt), with 1 m cable on the transformer and 3 m cable on the device. All parts of the device are made of corrosion free materials. The handle with buttons and lights is made of plastic, the electrodes are made of brass with honeycomb-like plastic cover. The device is available with or without plastic container (approx. 60 l) and cover.
The fishes are placed in a plastic container together with water. For the stunning, both electrodes are submerged into the water and the button is pressed, while the stunning process is controlled by a lamp. To reach all fish correctly by electricity, the electrodes of the device should be moved and turned horizontally. Fishes are anesthetized within seconds and can be killed or slaughtered and gutted thereafter.



Electric stunning device (without container)This device is specially suitable for the save and reliable stunning (electroanesthesia) of fishes (up to 200 kg/cycle) before killing and slaughtering. It works with electricity over a transformer (Input 230 Volt, Output max. 160 Volt) with 2 x 6 m cable. It has 3 adjustable regulation knobs for the pre- and main stunning process which allows slowly increasing of the current and reduce internal damage of the fishes. In normal cases the knob is in the middle position, in special cases i.e. if always the same fish size or the same fish species are stunned, the knobs allow to optimize the results. All parts of the system are made from corrosion free materials. The container with cover is made from plastic, the electrodes which are fixed on two sides are made from stainless steel. The containers are available in 3 different sizes (90, 280 or 610 l volume).
The fishes are placed in the plastic container together with water and the cover is closed. The control box should be mounted dry on a wall. For the stunning, the button on the side of the control box is pressed, while the stunning process is controlled by a lamp and terminated by an acoustic signal.


SPECIAL FISH KNIFES for the industry

Special stainless steek fish knives (from 4,5 to 31 cm) for any purpose!This special stainless steel knives are designed for long live and resistance to hard wear. These can be used for many hours without problem to archive high productivity. The blades are finished by hand with high quality steel - a guarantee for maximum cutting precision and easy sharpening. Either stiff or flexible blades are available according to requirements. The ergonomic design of the handles makes them easy and save to hold. The various designs were developed in conjunction with users. They take into account both the type of cutting as well as the size of the user's hands. The special green plastic material used gives the handle its firm hold.

We prepared 3 special fish knife sets for you:
The START Fishknife Set includes: 1 Herring-, 1 Flowcut-, 1 Fish-, 1 Bone-, 1 Strike-, 2 Slaughter- and 1 Fileting-knife, with blades from 6,5 to 21 cm.
The STANDARD Fishknife Set includes: 1 Herring-, 1 Carp-, 1 Fish-, 1 Cooking-, 1 Stitch-, 2 Slaughter- and 2 Fileting-knife, with blades from 4,5 to 26 cm.
The PROFI Fishknife Set includes: 1 Fishcut-, 1 Eel-, 1 Mackerel-, 1 Salmon-, 1 Fish-, 1 Gut-, 1 Skinning-, 1 Bone-, 1 Strike-, 2 Slaughter- and 2 Fileting-knife, with blades from 5,5 to 31,5 cm.
The COMPLET Fishknife Set includes all 3 sets (30 different special knives).
Alternatively one set for freshwater and one set for seawater fishes is available. All models are also available as single knives.

Trimmers for meat preparation, on request.


AUXILIARY GUTTING DEVICES for manual operation

Gutting device-stand set (with washing table and rinsing brush)This gutting devices are in use since more than 20 years and a valuable help for small and medium processing plants. Depending on diameter of the suction pipe (standard 32 mm), they allow to gut and clean fish (like trout and charr) from 150-1000 g (optionally to 3000 g) in one rational working process, without give the fish out of the hand. There is also no need for turning over the fish in your hand as all sequences of operation start from the vent. If the operator should slip in the direction of the blade while cutting, an injury can usually be excluded.
With the adjustable and save gutting blade the ventral wall of the fish is cut starting from the abdomen. As hygiene is the most important factor when processing fish, injuries of the guts are also excluded. The suction head has two scrape edges at its lower rim. While passing through the fish, remains (like kidney and blood) are removed. By pressing a button, an automatic knife comes down and cuts the gorge, which is than sucked and stored in a container. Optionally, after gutting the remaining blood is removed by the rotating (1500 RPM, 20 cm diameter) round washing brush. The rational working sequences enables one person to process up to 300-400 fish per hour.
The new reworked and improved version (wall- and stand models) have a gutting head which can be removed without tools and is dismantled in seconds, which allows good cleaning and disinfection. The  removable suction head fits to usual 120 l waste containers, which allows easy and fast replacing and deposition. These stainless steel gutting devices are delivered complete as table, wall or stand units with or without compressor and vacuum cleaner and with or without round rinsing brush.


AUTOMATIC GUTTING MACHINE for continuous operation

Fish gutting machineThis robust fish processing machine (for fishes (like trout, charr, bass, mackerel and herring) is made from stainless steel. A main point at development was the removement of complicated and failing technique. The compact machine (LxWxH 2,6x0,6x1,9 m, weight 350 kg) is nearly maintenance free. Complicated and expensive engagements are not necessary and the function via a button allows for rentable gutting (removement of intestines and gills). The running speed of the machine is adjustable, to allow to feed the machine with the fish up to 3000 pc./h with a weight between 150 and 1200 g (max. adapted to double size difference e.g. 300-600 g). The water demand is about 500 l/h (connection 1/2 "), air pressure min. 6 bar (connection 9 mm), electricity 1,2 kw/h 380 V/50 Hz (others on request). As accessories a feeding tank (before the machine) and a control sunk (after the machine) is available.

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Scaling & Filleting

Manual scaling deviceMANUAL SCALING DEVICE for all fishes

This fish descaling device is well protected from spray water, safe in operation and securely insulated, tested to 4000 V. The 230 V/50 Hz ICE standard 0,18 kw motor can be used continuously. The machine LxWxH of 23 x 24 x 19 cm with a weight of 9 kg, can be connected to a grounded or non-grounded wall socket. The cover of the laminated, flexible axle (160 cm long) consists of two layers of steel, one layer of insulating compound and one layer of plastic. The ball bearings in the top, with which the fish is scaled, are waterproof and all outside parts are rustproof. The device is supplied completely with handle, feet, 160 cm cable and plug.
Optionally, a scaling spindle for fishes with large scales is available. As accessories a 6 mm strong plexiglas cover (LxWxH: 84x50x29 cm) is available, under which the fish can be scaled to avoid spraying of scales during scaling.



Automatic scaling machineThe robust, solidly constructed descaling machines with belt drive offer perfect scaling technology, with their design (body in stainless steel, automatic time selector and control valve for reduced water consumption) and complete operational safety (auto-stop control, motor protection, restart protection). De-scaling takes place at the bottom and sides of the machine and offers the advantages of short (approx. 1-5 minutes per scaling cycle, with 400-500 RPM), low-noise scaling cycles and reduced water consumption. The water used in the scaling process is accumulated, so that the fish are thoroughly washed and a soft cushion of water is formed. This provides a flexible support and ensures that the scaling action is very gentle (fishes are not exposed to heavy bumps or impacts). The auto-stop control automatically stops the machine when the loading lid, top lid or release flap is opened. Gentle release is ensured because the machine restarts slowly and the start button must be pressed and held down, which is an added safety feature. An automatic shut down with manual restart guards against automatic start-up after a power failure. The scaling machines are supplied either with a karborundum drum for soft fish or small scales and with a round-hole drum for clams and hard fish or large scales. The machine is also available with a dirty water drain on the left-hand side (standard at the right side).

The following types are available as standard:

Type 35 S 16 K 18 K 20 K 25 K
Capacity/cycle kg 4 6 10 15 25
Capacity/hour kg 80 120 200 400 600
Electricity Volt 230 400 400 400 400
Rated power kw 0.18 0.25 0.37 0.55 1.50
Water connection DN 15 15 15 20 25
Depth mm 450 372 530 600 735
Width mm 410 435 555 650 750
Height mm 610 855 930 950 1195


FILETING MACHINE for some fishes

Fileting machineThis compact machine allow to fillet all fish with up to a height of 110 mm and a weight of 100-1000 g fast and exact, without gutting the fish. The machine is made of stainless steel and easily cleaned with water. A height output (approx. 100-200 kg/h) and safety measurements allow a fast working. The compact design (LxWxH: 118x56x127 cm) and the low weight (approx. 88 kg) allow to use it on nearly any place.
With the rotating round-knife, first the head is cut off. Following, the fish is put in the machine head-cut first and belly-up. The fish is now forwarded by special grip belts to the round-knifes and 2 fillets are cut. The cut is adjustable, thus allowing a low waste of meat (Filet approx. 40-50 %). The belly bones have to cut of manually. The skin can also be removed manually or by skinning machines. A continuous cleaning is done by water nozzles.

Separators for meat recovery, on request.


FILLETING MACHINE for various fishes

Filleting machineThe transformation of fish into fillets offer an interesting value added profit margin and is directly depending with the filleting costs. This new generation of filleting machines now comes in different sizes, with dimensions suited to various fish sizes and species (Salmon, Trout, Charr, Whitefish, Perch, Pikeperch, Pangasius, Bass, Bream, Mackerel, Bonito, Tuna, Pollack etc.) permitting an efficient filleting of fish with minimum loss of product and high yield production of 50-80 % (Salmonids) of splitted fillets. The productivity depends on the operator skill and process chain but is about 10-30 fish/min (approx. 1-3 t/h depending on fish size). The yield is directly depending on the state of the freshness and consistency of the fish, its fat content and maturity, as well as the cut of the head (I-, C- or V-cut). The simple mechanic solutions based on rigorous geometric principles in combination with a sensitive system to the thickness of each fillet, allow the machine to process fishes of various sizes (from 0.1 to 6.0 kg) without setting changes. The type number means the maximum fish height between anus and dorsum in mm, which the machine can handle. The smart design and sturdy construction (made in stainless steel) insure a long life to meet high conditions and norms of hygiene. All machines work with 2 or 4 blades (and 1 or 2 electric 400 Volt/50 Hz motors), are efficient and easy to clean and maintenance. Each machine has 2 wheels for easy movement. The standard height of the fish inlet is 80 cm and the fillet outlet 77 cm above the ground (other dimensions are possible on request). The deheaded and gutted fishes are loaded by hand into the machine. A 10-12 cm high transport belt carefully transfers (approx. 20 m/s) the fish to the round blades knifes which run not parallel but axial. The blades cut the fillets and separate the waste bones, thus saving over 50-75 % of the production time. The filleting machines are available with 2 or 4 blades either for the production of fillets with belly bones (ribs) or for the production of fillets without belly bones (ribs). The water requirement during filleting is about 300-500 l/h. A sharpening tool to use directly on the machine is available as accessory.

The following 2 blade types are available as standard:

Type Fish Weight kg Dimensions (LxHxW) cm Weight kg Blade Ø mm Power kw
SF   80 0,2 - 1,0   60 x 110 x 45   65 210 0,90
SF 130 0,4 - 3,0 115 x 125 x 50 125 300 1,70
SF 180 0,6 - 5,0 130 x 135 x 60 165 400 2,50

The following 4 blade types are available as standard:

Type Fish Weight kg Dimensions (LxHxW) cm Weight kg Blade Ø mm Power kw
AV   80 0,2 - 1,5 100 x 115 x 50 140 210 + 300 1,5 + 0,12
AV 100 0,4 - 3,0 120 x 120 x 50 160 245 + 300 1,5 + 0,12
AV 135 0,6 - 4,5 140 x 135 x 55 250 330 + 400 2,2 + 0,25

Deheading machines, on request.

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Deboning & Skinning

BONE CUTTER for fish filets

Y-bone cutterWith this compact manual devices made from stainless steel, you can cut (cutting wide 9, 15 or 30 cm) fast and easy the Y-bones in fillets from bony rich fishes (like Cyprinids, etc.). With this cutting in small distances (every 3-4 mm), the numerous Y-bones are chopped in very small pieces, so that they are no longer detected or dangerous in the fillets and can be eaten comfortably with the meat.
With a special adapter (available as accessories) you can also cut now the fillets (max. 3 cm fillet thickness) in chips or stripes (and, for example serve it fried or on salad). There is also an automatic electric (24 V) bone cutter (cutting wide 30 cm) available.

On request a stripe or cube cutter available (i.e. for herring or salmon) which saves about 50 % of working time. The cutting distance can be chosen in steps of 4 mm, i.e. 8, 12, 16, 20 mm (please mention at order).



PINBONE REMOVERS for fish filets

Automatic PinbonerFor removing of small and unwanted pin-bones from larger fresh, de-frosted or smoked filets (from about 150 g filet weight on, like: Salmons, Trout and Chars) different pinboners, from compact handheld devices to automatic band machines, are available. All machines (motor: 220-240 V, 50-60 Hz) are building from non-corrosive material to the quality and work with the same principles. The deboning unit can je adjusted in height, angel and speed. The belt can also be adjusted in speed. During operation, the machine units are kept clean with water or air. The unique mechanical picking action of these pinboners gently removes neck- and pin-bones (90-95 % at single and 95-100 % at twin-systems), leaving fillets looking their best. Pinboning is not only removing the pin bones, but important is also not to break pin bones, not to bleach the fillet by water, and keep the fillet without gaping. They are very user and maintenance friendly and allow fast working. The pinboners are ideal for use by fish processors, fish mongers, fish shops, fish restaurants etc., giving excellent results with best possible yields and minimum weight loss. Optionally all machines are available as twin models (with 2 heads after each other). As accessories also a vacuum system is available which sucks away the bones and water from the fillets.

The following belt machines are available:

Type EM-52 EM-102 EM-202
Heads 1 2 4
Capacity kg/h 350-750 750-1500 1500-3000
Belt cm 28 56 112
Wide cm 47 84 115
Length cm 150 180 230


SKINNING MACHINES for fish filets

Skinning Band MachineThis fish skinning machines (skinning wide max. 430 mm, skinning speed approx. 19-24 m/min) are manufactured with the use of exclusive and high quality components and according to the newest technical and hygienic regulations. The are made of rust free stainless steel, the transport belts and rolls are made of plastic. Additional plates inside guarantee a very long live of the robust machines, which have no electronic parts which could become defect. All machines are easy to use and very maintenance friendly, which saves additional costs.
All models work with an 230/400 V (50/60 Hz) 0.75 kw (1.0 HP) motor and are equipped with a foot-switch, turntable plate, adjustable knives and a water spray unit. With all machines the filets can be either skinned with stump blade or also with sharp blade. At skinning with stump blade (silver skinning) nearly no waste is generated, at working with sharp blade (deep skinning), the skinning depth can be adjusted from 0 to 2-4 mm. Types C are equipped with a cog-roller (for fish with a tough or thick skin) and types S with a cleaning-centrifuge (for fish with a soft or thin skin).
The Table- and Stand-models are open on top and the last ones have a bearded knife-holder and fixable turning-wheels. The Band-models are suitable for large quantities and guarantee highest security during working, because they are switched off if the cover is opened. The skinning depth can be adjusted here from 0 to 5 mm. They have a beared and from outside adjustable pressure unit (opening height max. 70 mm), which adapts automatically to the filets and is available with different performance depending on the fish species (soft wheels, hard roller for salmon or soft balloon). Optionally, the band-models can be equipped with special designed curved blades, which allow in one working process to skin and remove the red-brown muscle segments along the sides of the sensory canal from fresh or smoked filets completely which was one of the most difficult problem during normal skinning by hand. Additionally they have a removable charging and forwarding belt. Freeze-drum skinners on request.

The following types are available as standard:




Type C420 S420 C460 S460 C495 S495
Width cm






Height cm






Depth cm






Weight kg








SLICING MACHINE for fish fillets

Automatic SlicerThis slicers are based on a proven combination of a sturdy ground machine and a perfect slicing glide. Due to the good quality and the modern technique of the slicers the best slicing results are achieved with yield of approx. 99 %. The plate and glide is from stainless steel, the other parts are made from polished and eloxided aluminum. The blades are made of specially chromed steel and last very long. All this features allow a very economic operation for the processing fillets of various fish species. There are different slicing machines available, from the simple manual to the controlled automatic slicer (portion or double lane slicer on request).

The following types are available as standard:

Type Manual Automatic Compact
Filet temperature ºC -7 to -10 -7 to -10 -4 to +6
Slicing angle degree 10-30 10-30 10-40
Slicing thickness mm 0,5-15,0 1,0-5,0 2,0-10,0
Slicing cuts/min approx. 60 approx. 60 approx. 75
Power kw 0,25 1,00 1,00
Length cm 62 170 130
Wide cm 60 66 60
Height cm 57 140 130
Weight kg 35 150 120

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Smoking & Curing

ELECTRIC PRESSURE CHAMBER for smoking and grilling

Pressure Chamber SmokersOur implements are produced by modern machines and they are installed and approved accurately by hand. Due to continuing further development and in close cooperation with the leading professional institutes and associations of fish- and meat industry, as well as due to many suggestions from application in gastronomy, this devices are the most matured smoker, a fact that is confirmed by the best cooks all over the world, as well as by FIMA (marketing institute of the fish industry), by many professional associations as for example VDK (association of cooks) and last but not least by many foreign unions and professional hotel schools. This smokers with its approved technic are in operation worldwide. It is a product for special gastronomy as smoking is possible at any time in presence of the customer - also in delicatessen-shops, in the groceries store, at the butchers, at the party-service, restaurants, beer-gardens etc.
In the electronic pressure chamber grill and fumigator you can easily prepare hot or cold smoked specialties ready to serve within very short times. You can work with the oven in closed rooms - smoking indoors - always a pleasure. Fish and meat are not cooked directly by firewood or infrared heat, but indirectly by the hot air inside of the pressure chamber. The tightly closing door guarantees that only a very small amount of smoke and thus nearly no moisture are let out. Proper gravy will be preserved, which is a great advantage in comparison to other smoking processes. Fish is put, with its belly up, onto the special grates. Fillets and meat are smoked on the flat grids. Flavor and proper gravy will remain. Cooking without addition of grease, therefore low on calories. Constant temperature and optimal diffusion of smoke (pressure) will lead to a good cooking and a golden-brown color of the smoked food. After the timer has run off, smoke will deposit on the inside of the walls. The darker they are, the better the taste will be. The special heat-resisting sealing of the doors needs neither maintenance nor renewal. Very low energy costs, over 60% of cooking-terms you can grill and cook without electricity.
The double-casing guarantees that no water can enter. All electric parts are protected. Both the interior and exterior of the smokers as well as tin-plates and grates are made of stainless steel. No rusting or loss of color and enamel. Very short pre-heating times and very low energy consumption due to completely insulated double-casing. Heating with thermostatic regulation, automatic timer. Switches and control lamps on the front side a design suitable for modern kitchen. A new version (HS-36) in Gastro-Norm (GN) is also available. Herewith all usual (GN 1/1 to 1/3) containers or grids from other kitchen equipment will also fit in this smoking oven (or visa versa). This allows easy and better use in the professional kitchen. The standard outfit consist of stainless steel vessel with smoke- and drip-pan, 1-2 racks and 1-2 grids as well as user manual with recipes.

The following types are available:

Type HS-24 HS-36 HS-48
Dimensions (WxHxD) 45 x 35 x 45 cm 52 x 44 x 60 cm 45 x 35 x 85 cm
Racks and grids 30 x 40 cm 32 x 53 cm 30 x 80 cm
Load max. 24 Fish-7 kg Meat 46 Fish-11 kg Meat 48 Fish-14 kg Meat
Weight 25 kg 35 kg 45 kg
Connection 110/220 V 1,5 kw 2,5 kw 2,5 kw


SMOKING CHAMBERS for excellent product quality

Typ RS-40 + RS-100With this smoker you will get a state-of-the-art and high-quality product finished through CNC-production, containing over 30 years of development and experience. Most remarkable features are simple operation and extremely compact design. With our special integrated smoke-gas-guidance, your smoke goods will get evenly cooked and aromatized. The smoke-gas-guidance takes place over an additional sheet metal in the back to the outlet (see function sketch). With this you will get an optimal use of the smoke, the temperature inside the oven is very evenly and the dripping of condensate onto your smoke goods is safely avoided. The aluminum coating offers advantages compared to other coatings as food-proofed and highly corrosion- and heat-resistant. Stainless steel is 100% corrosion-resistant, acid- and leach-resistant, easy to clean thus allow flexible use (smoking of fish, meat, sausages, poultry and savage meat in the same oven possible). This smokers are available in two sizes made of aluminum covered steel or stainless steel with interchangeable wood- or gas firing, for hot- and cold smoking of fishes as well meat and sausages. All smokers come complete with dry-drip-tub and bouncer. Additional smoking grids, roasts, spits or hooks, smoke pipes (130 mm diameter) also with rain cover are available as accessories.

The following types are available as standard:

Description/Type RS-20 RS-40 RS-60 RS-100
Outside (WxDxH) 45x36x90 cm 45x36x115 cm 45x36x140 cm 58x44x165 cm
Inside (WxDxH) 40x33x50 cm 40x34x88 cm 40x33x110 cm 54x41x132 cm
Inside Volume 65 Liter 120 Liter 140 Liter 280 Liter
Weight approx. 25 kg 30 kg 35 kg 80 kg
Capacity approx. 20 Fish or 12 kg Meat 40 Fish or 25 kg Meat 60 Fish or 35 kg Meat 100 Fish or 75 kg Meat
Gas Heater approx. 2.5 kw, 5 kg in weight 4.0 kw, 8 kg in weight 4.0 kw, 8 kg in weight 8.8 kw, 19 kg in weight
Propane gas use approx. 185 g/h approx. 290 g/h approx. 290 g/h approx. 640 g/h
Wood meal use approx. 250 g/Smoking approx. 400 g/Smoking approx. 400 g/Smoking approx. 700 g/Smoking


ISOLATED SMOKING DEVICES made of stainless steel

Curing DeviceGood and consistent curing results appeal to your customers and widens your customer base best. This electrically (380 Volt/50 Hz) heated smoking devices have a capacity of 100-300 fishes (resp. 70-200 kg meat) per smoking time of 30-90 minutes. The 3 switchable (2/4/6 kw) heating coils with the precision thermostat, timer and thermometer produces heat and smoke for cooking and smoking slowly. A smoke pipe connection (120 mm), and the well double isolated (50 mm) walls and door prevents heat loss and makes curing possible also in closed rooms. The fish to be cured either be laid on the racks or hung on curing hooks on the racks. As accessories, special curing hooks, racks/grids and smoke meal (wood chips) are available. A build in connection pipe for/and an external smoke generator (for cold smoking), as well as a circulation fan, regulation valve, smoke pipes and bows are available too. For a rational working, trolleys (WxDxH approx. 61x48x110-185 cm with 6-10 layers) and build in ramps are available.

The following sizes are available:


Dimensions Inside/Outside (WxDxH)

Capacity approx.

RO-150 63/94x54/75x135/150 cm

150 Fishes (75 kg Meat)

RO-200 63/94x54/75x185/200 cm

200 Fishes (100 kg Meat)


LIQUID SMOKE SYSTEMS for stable product quality

Liquid smoke systems TSFR 80-100This systems are completely different to traditional ones in a way, that they need no smoke generator and burner, because instead of a generator, a tank with liquid smoke will be brought to a pressure of 3-5 bar.
At this patented technology, liquid smoke will be spread via an ventilation system over nozzles and recycled during closed vents. During this process a steam- and gas phase is build, which generates a non visible smoke. This "smoke" is physically identical with conventional smoke, with all durability- and taste giving substances (carbonyls, acids and phenols) but has no tarphase and other undesired matters (Benzo-a-pyren).
The complete system is microprocessor controlled and allow easily the programming of temperatures, moisture, times etc. as well as to save up to 99 programs (with 20 steps each). The actual and required parameters as well as alarms etc. are shown on a digital display. For the full automatic cleaning process (without aggressive cleaners or personnel) all equipment is placed in the cabinet and the program is started - that's all! Beside smoking, with this cabinets you can also curing, steaming, cooking, backing, roasting etc. all with an always stable product quality.

As standard the following types are available:

Type TSFR 80 TSFR 90 TSFR 100
Dimensions cm 117x 99x216 132x109x246 147x119x280
Room Height m 2.45 2.85 3.10
Trolley cm 83x80x150 93x90x170 103x100x200
Volume/Load 1000 l/80 kg 2000 l/130 kg 3000 l/250 kg
Energy 16 kw 22 kw 29 kw
Smoke/Charge 300 g 350 g 400 g

Extendable universal multi camber systems on request.

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Packing & Storing


Vacuum packing machineAt this table models the vacuum chamber and housing is made from stainless steel and the high transparent lid of acryl glass. An easy and automatic working process is possible through the analog process time control pane (and from type "B-35" on also through the digital sensor control with 10 programs). A gas injection system and soft-air ventilation is also possible from type "B-35" onward. The machines have a single sealing bar configuration (single time sealing-cutting system on request) and are also available with a double sealing bar configuration from type "B-42" onward.  The professional vacuum pump 230 V/50 Hz (vacuum time 10-60 seconds) and back ventilation guarantee a service friendly construction. A liquid insert-plate is available as accessories.

The following types are available as standard:


Chamber dimensions WxLxH mm

Total dimensions WxLxH mm

Sealing bar mm

Pump m3/h

Power kw



330x450x295 280 4 0.40
Plus 280x310x120 330x450x295 280 8 0.50
Super 350x370x150 450x525x385 350 16 0.55
Jumbo 420x370x180 490x525x430 420 16 0.55
B-35 350x370x150 450x525x385 350 16 0.55
B-42 420x370x180 490x525x430 420 21 1.00
B-50 420x460x180 490x610x445 420 21 1.00

Larger moveable floor models or double chamber systems on request.


FLAKE ICE MACHINES with or without storage container

Flake-Ice machine with integrated storage containerThis scale ice makers are made of high quality stainless steel and plastics, have small dimensions and a high production capacity. They are easy to use and the innovative technique guarantees a stable quality of the flake ice and are highly economic. All machines are FCKW-free (R404a or on request also CO2), have adjustable feet's and an automatic water remover. Other voltages, larger machines (also without refrigeration unit) on request. All models are also available with a liquidificator set on request, and as options are salt-dosing and automatic-cleaning systems available.
As accessories isolated storage containers for 70 to 1.300 kg ice are available, which keeps the ice cool and easy to use, even after longer storage. The 4 smaller units are also available with integrated storage container (40 mm isolated) for each 70 or 210 kg ice, where the ice machine is included above.

The following models are available:

Type/Capacity/day* kg








Consumption kw

0,45 0,62 0,94 1,80 2,80 4,80 6,80


230 230 230 400 400 400 400

Weight kg

50 58 95 110 220 360 460
Width cm 50 50 75 75 102 130 130
Depth cm 32 32 65 65 70 100 100
Height cm 64 64 77 77 101 126 126

*Capacity in 24 h at a temperature of +18 °C ambient-air and +12 °C water-supply as well as -7 °C flake-ice.

We deliver also working tables, working cloths and much more ...

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