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Solar Feeders


Model Superstpreader with 95 l hopper and tube holderThis "Solaris" Feeding System was designed and constructed to the latest specifications in the field of aquaculture economics by using the most modern components of present day technology.

The model "INTERVAL" is equipped with a solar panel, a feeding computer and accumulator (to balance weather depending days) which is mounted in a splash proof box (directly on the feeder) and can be adjusted exactly to feeding intervals, quantity and time. The daily feeding amount (1-5 mm Pellet) is adjustable from 0,1 kg up to 100,0 kg/day.

The model "SUPERSPREADER" is equipped with an adjustable sector and/or round spreader (radius adjustable approx. 2-8 m), and delivered with a larger solar panel and stronger accumulator.

The model "UNIVERSAL" has a larger outlet and can additionally be used for granulated seeds or meal feeds and pellets up to 12 mm.

The white or green feed hoppers are available in five sizes (for 15, 25, 45, 75 or 95 liter). As accessories a tube or ring holder hopper support is available.

All models are also available without solar panel and accumulator, for the connection to a central power supply with transformer and distributor box (for up to 1 resp. 12 or 24 feeders).

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Battery Feeders

Battery feeder with ejectorAUTOMATIC FEEDERS with spindle

This independent feeders where developed in Austria and are successfully used since more than 20 years in small to large fish farms. The user friendly feeding system with patented mechanism (spindle) allows easy feeding and supply of food to day- and night active fish or other animals. They can be powered by the supplied battery (6-12 V/DC), which is recharged with a battery charger (not supplied) or a solar panel (optionally available) which is mounted on top of the removable cover. Because of the optimized system, the batteries have a long self-live, depending on feeding times and durance, usually about one season. The timer clock, which is integrated in the hopper, allows exact settings of feeding times and pauses. Standard particle or pellet sizes of feeds can range from 1 to 5 mm, smaller or larger food particles (also corn or other seeds) are possible optionally. The robust, grey plastic containers (made from polypropylene) guarantee for a long life of the feeder. The standard feeders range from hoppers with a volume of 10 to 180 liter (larger hoppers are possible on request). The larger feeders are also available with an integrated ejector-mechanism, which ejects the dry-food up to 8 m (optionally up to 12 m) in front of the feeder. The feeder is usually placed on the edge of a tank or above a dock and fixed via the two mounting holes on the sides. All feeders are also available without batteries but with transformer (220 V/AC to 12 V/DC) for the connection to an electric network.

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Pneumatic Feeders

Pneumatic feederPNEUMATIC FEEDERS with air blower

This easy to use and very robust pneumatic feeder, is specially recommended for feeding on ponds or raceways, where large feeding areas (approx. 10 m2) and a wide feed distribution (up to 12 m) are necessary. The compact and lightweight container made from stainless steel is suitable for the rough conditions in the field outside. It has a capacity up to 120-240 kg of dry food, has 2 extendable pipe outlets (2 ") with distributor plates and contains also the blower (220 V/50 Hz, max. 375 W) etc. A timer is available as accessory and allows to set up to 4 feeding times per hour, and the feeding time can be adjusted independent. The feed quantity and be additionally changed at the 2 pipe outlets by a screw. The feeders are available in different sizes with a diameter of 70-85 cm, a height of 100-125 cm and an empty weight of 30-40 kg.

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Pendulum Feeders

Pendulumfeeder with 25 l Hopper and Ring holderPENDULUM FEEDERS for self service

The model "PENDULUMFEEDER" is a self feeder for 1-5 mm pellets with a disc. When the fish touch the pendulum, the feed falls from the disc directly into the water. The slot between feeder and disc can be adjusted.

The white or green feed hoppers are available in five sizes (for 15, 25, 45, 75 or 95 liter). As accessories a tube or ring holder hopper support is available.

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Clockwork Feeders

Clockwork-BeltfeederBELT FEEDERS with strong clockwork

Since more than 30 years this clockwork-beltfeeders are in use for save and exact feeding of fish fry and fingerlings. The clockwork runs over (12 or 24 hours) and is started if the belt is returned (in the morning) where the feed (up to 3-5 kg) is placed. The new clockwork with strong and corrosion free steel spring and splash-proof acryl cover as well the plastic box lasts best the weather conditions and guarantees a long live of the feeder.
The feeders are available in 2 sizes and have dimensions (L x W x H) of 55 x 20-29/30-39 x 15 cm (weight approx. 2-3 kg) and can easily used at any place without electric energy, like nursing tanks or ponds.

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Frozen Feeders

PlanktonfeederAUTOMATIC FEEDING DEVICE for frozen zooplankton

20 years world wide experience in the field of plankton research, catch and larval feeding are the basis of the new "Planktonfeeder", which was developed with the Institute of fish research. This device is designed for the professional application of frozen zoo-plankton as a larval diet in marine and fresh water hatcheries for the production of high quality fingerlings like: Char, Grayling, Salmon, Sturgeon, Seabass, Seabream, Turbot and other species. The technique is based on a timed "wash-down" of feed layers from large frozen plankton crumbs (up to 20 kg) and homogeneous distribution of the thawed plankton rations to the larval tanks by a specially developed self cleaning distributor. "Wash-down" of the food layers and thawing can be performed either through spraying or by flooding or by a combination of both facilities, the remaining plankton is frozen immediately. The feed particle size can be perfectly adjusted by a special sieving unit. In order to avoid membrane damage and leaching effects of the thawed plankton organisms, the feed is distributed to the 16 larval tanks by gravity flow only in pipes. With 3 way adapters up to 32 tanks can be supplied. Automatic feeders for live zooplankton (Artemia), on request.

Feeding cannons and feeding roboters on request!

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