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Dear Reader,

Here are the actual AquaTech NEWS and our new offer of the month (December 2001):

Digital PhotometerMeasure, store and transfere exactly and easy the following water parameters: Aluminium, Ammonium, Chlor, Chlorid, Copper, Ozone, Iron, Mangan, Nitrate, Phosphate, Hardness and pH-value, with:

Digital Microprocessor Photometer, EUR 890,-

All Prices in Euro ex works, VAT excl.

New Calendars for 2002:

James Prosek's Fishing 2002 Calendar
Fly Fishing Calendar 2002
Art of Fly Fishing Calendar 2002
Fishing Tip-A-Day 2002 Calendar
Bass Fishing Calendar 2002
Sport Fishing 2002 Calendar
Fish on 2002 Calendar

Sea Life Calendar 2002
Tropical Fish 2002 Wall Calendar
Koi 2002

Best seasons greetings,

Martin Hochleithner


Here are the actual AquaTech NEWS and our new offer of the month (November 2001):

Move your fish easily with this PE transport containers -

Round ContainerRound container 510 mm , 730 mm high (110 l), EUR 90,-
Round container 510 mm , 525 mm high (  75 l), EUR 70,-
Round container 420 mm , 550 mm high (  50 l), EUR 50,-
Round container 585 mm , 335 mm high (  60 l), EUR 50,-
Cover for round containers, EUR 30,-
Trolley (hot galvanized), EUR 190,-

Other sizes and forms (square) on request.

All Prices in Euro ex works, VAT excl.

New Books:

Inland Fisheries: Ecology and Management
by R. L. Welcomme (Comp.), 2001, Hardcover,
384 pages.

Marine Fisheries Ecology
by Simon Jennings, Michel J. Kaiser, John D. Reynolds, 2001, Paperback, 384 pages.

Until next time,
with best regards

Martin Hochleithner

Dear Reader,

Here are the actual AquaTech NEWS and our new offer of the month (October 2001):

Smoker with gas heatingNow it is easy and cheap to add value to your products with hot or cold smoke, with:

Smoker (45x36x115 cm) with wood heating, EUR 290,-
Smoker (45x36x115 cm) with gas heating, EUR 390,-
Smoker (58x44x165 cm) with wood heating, EUR 690,-
Smoker (58x44x165 cm) with gas heating, EUR 890,-

All curing cabinets are made in doubble-wall (20 mm) aluminium coated steel (stainless steel on request), for 40 or 100 fish (120 or 280 l volume).
Curing hooks or racks are available as accessoire.

All Prices in Euro ex works, VAT excl.


Smoking Salmon & Trout: Plus Pickling, Salting, Sausaging & Care
by Jack Whelan. Paperback, 240 pages (1982)

The classic, definitive guide to smoking salmon and trout. Professional food scientist Jack Whelan provides authoritative information and over 400 howto drawings and photographs. This book is the result of the author's years of research into commercial preserving and processing of fish and years of adapting proven methods for easy home use.

The Canning, Freezing, Curing and Smoking of Meat, Fish and Game
by Wilbur F. Eastman. Paperback, 208 pages (1983)

This new "How-To" book describes the best ways of processing Meat, Fish and Game with emphasis on Canning, Freezing, Curing and Smoking in the home... at the camp...anywhere! Safe, step-by-step instructions for preparing and storing fresh meat, plus recipes and instructions for building smokehouses.
Practical - with an outline of easy-to-follow procedures and approved shortcuts. Economical in its outlook. Your initial investment is minimal. Only the necessary equipment is used and is mostly reusable. Why spend twice as much when you can do it yourself for half the price and enjoy it more? Richly illustrated. Sketches for building your own smokehouse! Photographs on an intriguing home model to follow. Contains everything to get you started right! If you already have all the know-how, this book is not for you. Dozens of delicious recipes included for the family table.

Cold Smoking and Salt Curing Meat, Fish and Game
by A. D. Livingston. Paperback, 168 pages (1995)

With this book, Livingston combines a lifetime of Southern culinary knowledge with his own love of authentic home smoking and curing techniques. He teaches how to prepare smoked and salted hams, fish, jerky, and game - adapting today's materials to yesterday's traditional methods. As the author writes, "you can smoke a better fish than you can buy, and you can cure a better ham without the use of any chemicals except ordinary salt and good hardwood smoke." This book shows you how, and includes complete instructions for: preparing salted, dried fish; preparing planked fish, or gravlax; building a modern walk-in smokehouse; constructing small-scale barbecue smokers; choosing woods and fuels for smoking; and salt-curing country ham and other meats, together with over 50 recipes such as Country Ham with Redeye Gravy, Canadian Bacon, Scandinavian Salt Fish, Venison Jerky, and many others.

Fish Drying and Smoking: Production and Quality
by Peter E. Doe (Editor). Hardcover, 250 pages (1998)

This book explains the current and traditional fish smoking and drying practices in terms of the basic underlying principles of biochemistry and food technology. Readers will soon become aware of the discrepancies between the basic scientific knowledge and modern technology on one hand, and the traditional processes described in some chapters. This book bridges that gap. The emphasis in this book in on the critical factors which affect the quality of products produced in less technological cultures-products which have been largely neglected in technically advanced countries-and on developments and innovations which have occurred in the last five years. The critical factors affecting the quality of fish products in technically advanced countries have been summarized. The answers to questions on the quality of smoked, cured and dried fish can be found from an understanding of the physical, chemical, and biological factors influencing the functionality of the product at every stage of its preparation and subsequent handling from the time the fish is harvested to the time it is eaten.

The 2000-2005 World Outlook for Dried, Salted and Smoked Fish
by The World Research Group. Ring-bound, 125 pages (2000)

The liberalization of markets has lead to record levels of international investments. This report is to assist executives and planners in monitoring and analyzing world markets. It concisely compiles a variety of official and proprietary information in a format that allows the reader to quickly benchmark a country vis--vis its region and the world as a whole. While attention has been made to provide the most recent information available. In addition, the information presented in the report is compiled from various government agencies (e.g. local ministries), international organizations (e.g., the World Bank, the United Nations), and national authorities (e.g. the Central Intelligence Agency, the U.S. Department of State or Commerce).
This publications provide timely and reliable market information as a complement to strategic planning processes. For a price well below the cost of a round-trip business-class ticket, the executive has access to the basic factors driving strategic planning. As such, the report is a 'one-stop' shop by giving coverage on economic and political issues, as well as analyzing human resources, entry strategies and legal risks.

Virus Alarm:

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Also, Intel announced that a new and very destructive virus was discovered recently. If you receive an email called "An Internet Flower For You," do not open it. Delete it right away! This virus removes all dynamic link libraries (.DLL files) from your computer. Your computer will not be able to boot up!

Please forward this message to everyone in your address book. It's better to receive this warning 10 times than not at all.

With best regards

Martin Hochleithner


here are the actual AquaTech NEWS and our new offer of the month (August 2001):

Lift up to 6 t live fish per hour with up to 3 kg in weight, easy and safe from cages or tanks up 2-4 m in height to graders or trucks, with the archimedes screw principle:Fish lifting device

Lifting Device 38 cm , 4 m long, EUR 6.490,-
Lifting Device 38 cm , 5 m long, EUR 6.990,-
Lifting Device 38 cm , 6 m long, EUR 7.490,-
Lifting Device 38 cm , 7 m long, EUR 7.990,-

All Prices in Euro ex works, VAT excl.

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Please let us know if there is any question,
with best regards

Martin Hochleithner

Dear Reader,

Here are the actual AquaTech NEWS and our new offer of the month (July 2001):

Electric Fishing DeviceFishing with electricity made easy, by
the new powerfull and lightweight -

Backcarry unit (13 kg) with Honda 4-stroke petrol engine, (300/500 V) output 1300 W, EUR 1.990,-
Anode/Kathode set, EUR 190,-

Additional electric fishing devices on request.

All Prices in Euro ex works, VAT excl.

Any request is wellcome,
nice summer holidays,

Martin Hochleithner

Dear Customer,

Here are the actual AquaTech NEWS and our new offer of the month (June 2001):

A new species from zooplankton production for restocking or aquaculture:

10.000 Burbot (Lota lota) 3-4 cm, each 0,24 EUR   2.400,-
30.000 Burbot (Lota lota) 3-4 cm, each 0,22 EUR   6.600,-
50.000 Burbot (Lota lota) 3-4 cm, each 0,20 EUR 10.000,-

Weaning on dryfood or the visit of the farm is possible on request.

All Prices in Euro ex works, VAT excl.


A Field Guide to Freshwater Fishes: North American North of Mexico

The first and only guide to cover all 790 species found in North America north of Mexico, from the almighty Chinook Salmon to the tiny but notorious Snail Darter. Here are the field marks, habits and habitats of each species, including more than 700 illustrations and 377 detailed maps.

A Complete Guide to the Freshwater Fishes of Southern Africa

A fantastic, practical field guide and reference book. Covering not only specifics on species, distribution and family keys, but information on the regions studied, its biogeography and a guide to collection preservation and measurment of fish specimens. This book also looks at conservation, classification, relationships between fish and man, fish biology and a bit on the geographical influences on the fishes looked at. A fantastic guide for both the layman (amateur or general interest) and the scientificaly minded.

Just let us know if there is any question,
with best regards

Martin Hochleithner

Dear Reader,

Here are the actual AquaTech NEWS and our new offer of the month (May 2001):

Water hauling made easy, with -

Powerfull, reliable and compact water pumps with 1 cylinder - 4 stroke Honda petrol engine:Typ WN (20)

W 10 Hauling volume up to    130 l/min, height up to 35 m, EUR 399,-
W 20 Hauling volume up to   600 l/min, heigth up to 26 m, EUR 499,-
W 30 Hauling volume up to 1100 l/min, height up to 30 m, EUR 599,-

Additional pumps on request!

All Prices in Euro ex works, VAT excl.


After the great success of the book "STRE" (ISBN 3-7040-1261-0) and the request of detailed information, another new book (in german) is currently in preperation.

"Lachsfische (Salmoniformes): Biologie und Aquakultur"

An index you will find at salmbuch.htm

We are pleased to offer you now the possibillity to advertise in this valuable book and support the publication at the same time.

Add prices (b/w):
Half page (113 x   80 mm), EUR 350,- excl. VAT.
Full page (113 x 170 mm), EUR 500,- excl. VAT.

Publishing time: April 2002.

Take the unique opportunity to advertise in this book "wast-basket safe" and you can be sure that your add is found also after years.
It will be available from any bookshop and from the internet but also present at some fish and aquaculture exhibitions.

As this book is in german language, we offer you a free translation and design service for your add.

Please let us know if there is any question,
with best regards

Martin Hochleithner

Dear Reader,

Here are the actual AquaTech NEWS and our new offer of the month (April 2001):

GMH Microprocessor MeterWater analysis made easy now, with microprocessor controled handheld meters -

PH-value, Redox-potential and Temperature Meter, EUR 280,-
Conductivity, Salinity and Temperature Meter, EUR 280,-
Oxygen, Pressure and Temperature Meter, EUR 480,-
All 3 Me
ters c
omplete as box device set with
Data collecting software and PC-connector, EUR 990,-

All Prices in Euro ex works, VAT excl.


Standard Methods for Examination of Water & Wastewater by Arnold E. Greenberg et al. Hardcover (1999).
The bible of water analysis and THE book of standards! Comprehensive testing of all major pollutants, giving precise instructions for proceedures, preparation of studies as well as current reference data.
Every conceivable method for the chemical, biolgical and physical analysis of fresh, brackish and seawater, biological contaminants and pollutants, are covered in detail. Includes sampling techniques, statistical methods, laboratory apparatus and reeagents, safety setup and calibrations, determination of general water quality parameters, metals, automated analysis, toxicity tests for aquatic organisms,  aquatic botany (inclusive plankton sampling), and a special section on the identification of aquatic organisms with color plates.
Now in its 20th edition, this text presents significant improvements of methodology and enlarged its scope to include techniques suitable for examination of many types of samples encountered in the assessment and control of water quality and water pollution.

Analysis of Solids in Natural Waters by Thomas R. Crompton. Hardcover (1996).
The presence of toxic organic and inorganic substances in rivers and oceanic sediments is in part due to man-made pollution. Their monitoring by chemical analysis of oceanic, estuarine, and river sediments or of organisms living in the respective ecosystems are of utmost importance. The purpose of this book is to provide the chemist with all available information for the rapid development and proper carrying out of these methods of analysis. Crompton's book is the first book which covers all kinds of samples including living organisms.

Water Quality Control Handbook by E. Roberts Alley. Hardcover (2000).
This handbook is intended to provide industrial, governmental, and consulting environmental practitioners a quick reference guide to all major areas of water pollution control. Among the topics discussed are the physical, chemical, and biological characteristics of wastewater; monitoring, sampling, and testing methods; the modeling of the effects of pollutants on the environment; effective management, including the establishment of policies and proper documentation; applicable water pollution regulatory standards; and the theory, design recommendations, and practical suggestions for various water pollution control systems.

Pond Aquaculture Water Quality Management by Claude E. Boyd et al. Hardcover (1999).
The only hope of supplying the world's ever-increasing demand for aquatic food products is through aquaculture, and the vast majority of this is conducted in ponds. Although pond aquaculture may appear at first to be an archaic method of growing aquatic animals, it is one that is consistently profitable when the pond is managed properly. The most important aspect of pond management is the maintenance of adequate environmental conditions for good growth and health of the animal under culture. Water quality in ponds also extends into the areas of environmental protection and food quality and safety, which are increasingly important in today's world. This book provides the most complete, up-to-date account of water quality and its management in aquaculture ponds. It provides background information on the physical, chemical, and biological environment of pond aquaculture, and illustrates how the proper balance of these factors is the essential ingredient for successful production of fish and other aquatic animals. Management techniques for the control of water quality and productivity include liming, fertilization, mechanical aeration, water exchange, and the use of algicides and herbicides. The authors examine the effects of pollution on aquaculture and the validity of current criticisms by environmentalists. This book will be of great benefit to students, extension agents, policy-makers, government officials and the commercial aquaculture industry.

Hope to welcome you in Verona at the Acquacoltura International,

Martin Hochleithner

Dear Reader,

Here are the actual AquaTech NEWS and our new offer of the month (March 2001):

Divide- and extendable multi-purpose aluminium boats:Typ 230A - 350A - 480A

Typ 230A 350A 480A
Length: 230 cm 350 cm 480 cm
Wide: 135 cm 135 cm 135 cm
Hight:   48 cm   48 cm   48 cm
Weight: 45 kg 60 kg 80 kg
Load: 200 kg 250 kg 350 kg
Parts: 2 3 4
Price: 790,- 890,- 990,-

Larger boats and a lot of equipment available on request.

All Prices in Euro ex works, VAT excl.


Boats for Fishermen by Tom Earnhardt. Paperback (2001).
Here is a practical guide to the best boats for all kinds of fishing - and how to make them better. Fishing and great boats are inseparable. Prams, drift boats, canoes, kayaks, johnboats, big-water V-hulls, sea cats, flats boats, and many others - which are best for a specific angler’s needs, and how can he improve them to fit the fishing he does? Tom Earnhardt has forty years of light-tackle experience on boats of every kind and description, and he offers sound advice on everything from hull design to interior layout to power options. In addition, he also offers great trailring, safety, and etiquette.
Whether you fish a rowboat on a farm pond or a center console in the ocean, BOATS FOR FISHERMEN will become your most valued reference.

Fishing Boats & their equipment by Dag Pike. Paperback (1992).

A relaxed time on the water,

Martin Hochleithner


Here are the actual AquaTech NEWS and our new offer of the month (February 2001):

Sort Salmonid eggs fast and easy, now with the new and improved:Egg picker

Manual Egg-Picker, EUR 140,-

All Prices in Euro ex works, VAT excl.

We exhibit at:
Acquacoltura International in Verona/Italy from 26.-28. April 2001, Stand F4A.
There are no entrance fees for international visitors.

Hope to welcome you there,

Martin Hochleithner


Falls Sie unsere Neuigkeiten lieber in deutsch erhalten mchten, lassen Sie es uns bitte wissen! Danke ;-)

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