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New holding-tank:

PE-holding tankThis isolated (PE) polyethylene tanks in blue color  and cover are especially suitable for the economic holding of live fishes, crustacea or mollusca (like: crabs and lobsters or oysters and clams etc.) in fish or seafood restaurants, mongers, wholesalers etc. The compact units are delivered complete with integrated biological filter (calcareous seaweed) with pH-buffer effect below, and mechanical pre-filter, titanium-chiller (R134) with digital display and thermostat, recirculation system with pump, injectors, valves and PVC-pipes behind or on the side of the units. They are build for fresh and seawater, an electric connection of 230 V/50 Hz and a working temperature of 0-30 degree C. The electric consumption is about 0,5-1,0 kw/h, depending on model and temperatures. For mollusks, an UV-C lamp can optionally be integrated in the cover (+ EUR 500,- to 1.500,-). The 3 larger tanks (dimensions ±2 %) with equipment on the side (+ 60-70 cm long) are instead the cover, optionally available with a 50 cm high double-walled glass-aquaria (approx. 200 to 400 l) incl. protein skimmer (+ 10-12 cm high). Larger stacked holding tank units, on request.

Model IT-300 IT-500 IT-700 IT-1000
Dimensions (LxWxH) 94x94x87 cm 112x112x89 cm 148x117x87 cm 199x117x89 cm
Volume approx. 300 l 500 l 700 l 1000 l
Holding capacity 20-40 kg 30-60 kg 50-100 kg 75-150 kg
Price EUR 3.990,- 5.990,- 7.990,- 9.990,-

New electro-fisher:

Front control-box for back-pack electrofisherFor an easier catch of fishes in freshwater like smaller flowing or shallower standing waters (streams and ponds) to a depth of about 1 m and a conductivity up to 1.000 µS/cm (direct current) resp. 2.000 µS/cm (impulse current), this reduced/optimized and relatively cheap electric fishing device is especially suitable, as the battery -pack (24 V) is now carried in a back-pack. Other than cheaper electrofish devices (from the east) this new device conforms to the actual EU regulations and is also CE certified, build after IEC 60335 and save against short-circuits and overloads. The small (LxWxH 14x10x16 cm) and (approx. 1,3 kg) light-weight control-box (energy consumption max. 30 A) is connected with two eyes in front of the back-pack and has a voltage control with acoustic signal and a tilt-switch for safety reasons. The outgoing voltage can be adjusted by 3 raw- and 11 fine-tuners from 115-565 Volt (optionally from 90-500 Volt), also the impulse frequency from 20-200 impulses/second and the impulse time from 1-10 ms. The outgoing power is 650 Watt (direct current with well smoothed current) resp. 1200 Watt (impulse current with fast increase and exponential decrease) and is switchable. Direct current creates a better galvanotaxis (catchability) and a less damaged fishes (mortality) than impulse current. As battery-packs are either heavier but cheaper lead-gel-batteries (stay and reach shorter times) or lighter but expensive lithium-iron-batteries (stay and reach longer times) available, each enclosed in a splash-proof casing with cable and plough. Recommended are min. 2 battery-packs, so that the second one can be used and is fished with, when the first one is empty and must be charged. A battery-charger (24 V, 1 A) with automatic regulator is included in the delivery and can be used for both battery types (lead-gel and lithium-iron). Also delivered is a box for transport. Electrode-sets (anodes and cathodes) are available in different arrangements, e. g.: anode-handles with built-in deadman-switch and removable anode-rings from 30-50 cm Ø, as well as cathode-lengths of 4-6 m and special rubber cable in any length. Larger/stronger electric fishing devices, on request. Please contact us, we will consult you according to your requirements (water and fishes).

Electrofishing Backpack unit incl. battery-charger, back-pack and transport-box, excl. battery, EUR 1.590,-
Option for higher conductivity (>450 ÁS): Control-box with lower output voltage (approx. 90-500 V), same price.

Leadgel-battery-pack (24 V) 12 Ah (approx. 8 kg), EUR 226,-
Lithiumiron-battery-pack (24 V) 15 Ah (approx. 5 kg), EUR 520,-
Electrode-set with 40 cm stainless steel anode, 2,0 m strait handle (two-hand-use) with 3 m cable, and copper cathode 4 m long with 4 m cable and plough, EUR 400,-
Electrode-set with 34 cm stainless steel anode, 1,8 m bent handle (one-hand-use) with 2 m cable, and copper cathode 4 m long with 4 m cable and plough, EUR 450,-
Electrode-sets in other arrangements, on request.

All prices in Euro, ex works, excl. VAT.

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