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New holding-tank:

PE-holding tankThis isolated (PE) polyethylene tanks in blue color  and cover are especially suitable for the economic holding of live fishes, crustacea or mollusca (like: crabs and lobsters or oysters and clams etc.) in fish or seafood restaurants, mongers, wholesalers etc. The compact units are delivered complete with integrated biological filter (calcareous seaweed) with pH-buffer effect below, and mechanical pre-filter, titanium-chiller (R134) with digital display and thermostat, recirculation system with pump, injectors, valves and PVC-pipes behind or on the side of the units. They are build for fresh and seawater, an electric connection of 230 V/50 Hz and a working temperature of 0-30 degree C. The electric consumption is about 0,5-1,0 kw/h, depending on model and temperatures. For mollusks, an UV-C lamp can optionally be integrated in the cover (+ EUR 500,- to 1.500,-). The 3 larger tanks (dimensions ±2 %) with equipment on the side (+ 60-70 cm long) are instead the cover, optionally available with a 50 cm high double-walled glass-aquaria (approx. 200 to 400 l) incl. protein skimmer (+ 10-12 cm high). Larger stacked holding tank units, on request.

Model IT-300 IT-500 IT-700 IT-1000
Dimensions (LxWxH) 94x94x87 cm 112x112x89 cm 148x117x87 cm 199x117x89 cm
Volume approx. 300 l 500 l 700 l 1000 l
Holding capacity 20-40 kg 30-60 kg 50-100 kg 75-150 kg
Price EUR 3.990,- 5.990,- 7.990,- 9.990,-


Jet Aerator Pump (front)New water-aerator:

For the aeration of the water and the creation of currents in small ponds or large tanks we have now a Jet-Aerator-Pump new in our program. This compact aerator is available for an electric connection of 220-240 V/50 Hz and has a powerful motor (250 Watt) with a 2-bladed propeller, which allows for a relatively high water turnover of about 10 m3/h and an oxygen supply for up to 1000 kg of fishes. The aerator must be placed at the end on the wall of the tank or otherwise fixed and spreads the water in the front as a jet. It is delivered completely with U-shaped float made from black HD-PE, and protection grates made from stainless steel, incl. 8 m cable and plough. Price: EUR 390,- ex works, excl. VAT.


New electro-fisher:

Front control-box for back-pack electrofisherFor an easier catch of fishes in freshwater like smaller flowing or shallower standing waters (streams and ponds) to a depth of about 1 m and a conductivity up to 1.000 µS/cm (direct current) resp. 2.000 µS/cm (impulse current), this reduced/optimized and relatively cheap electric fishing device is especially suitable, as the battery -pack (24 V) is now carried in a back-pack. Other than cheaper electrofish devices (from the east) this new device conforms to the actual EU regulations and is also CE certified, build after IEC 60335 and save against short-circuits and over-loads. The small (LxWxH 14x10x16 cm) and (approx. 1,3 kg) light-weight control-box (energy consumption max. 30 A) is connected with two eyes in front of the back-pack and has a voltage control with acoustic signal and a tilt-switch for safety reasons. The outgoing voltage can be adjusted by 3 raw- and 11 fine-tuners from 115-565 Volt (optionally from 90-500 Volt), also the impulse frequency from 20-200 impulses/second and the impulse time from 1-10 ms. The outgoing power is 650 Watt (direct current with well smoothed current) resp. 1200 Watt (impulse current with fast increase and exponential decrease) and is switchable. Direct current creates a better galvanotaxis (catchability) and a less damaged fishes (mortality) than impulse current. As battery-packs are either heavier but cheaper lead-gel-batteries (stay and reach shorter times) or lighter but expensive lithium-iron-batteries (stay and reach longer times) available, each enclosed in a splash-proof casing with cable and plough. Recommended are min. 2 battery-packs, so that the second one can be used and is fished with, when the first one is empty and must be charged. A battery-charger (24 V, 1 A) with automatic regulator is included in the delivery and can be used for both battery types (lead-gel and lithium-iron). Also delivered is a box for transport. Electrode-sets (anodes and cathodes) are available in different arrangements, e. g.: anode-handles with built-in deadman-switch and removable anode-rings from 30-50 cm Ø, as well as cathode-lengths of 4-6 m and special rubber cable in any length. Larger/stronger electric fishing devices, on request. Please contact us, we will consult you according to your requirements (water and fishes).

Electrofishing Backpack unit incl. battery-charger, back-pack and transport-box, excl. battery, EUR 1.590,-
Option for higher conductivity (>450 µS): Control-box with lower output voltage (approx. 90-500 V), same price.

Leadgel-battery-pack (24 V) 12 Ah (approx. 8 kg), EUR 226,-
Lithiumiron-battery-pack (24 V) 15 Ah (approx. 5 kg), EUR 520,-
Electrode-set with 40 cm stainless steel anode, 2,0 m strait handle (two-hand-use) with 3 m cable, and copper cathode 4 m long with 4 m cable and plough, EUR 400,-
Electrode-set with 34 cm stainless steel anode, 1,8 m bent handle (one-hand-use) with 2 m cable, and copper cathode 4 m long with 4 m cable and plough, EUR 450,-
Electrode-sets in other arrangements, on request.

All prices in Euro, ex works, excl. VAT.

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