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African Inland Fisheries, Aquaculture and the Environment
Artificial Reefs: Marine and Freshwater Applications
Business Management in Fisheries and Aquaculture
Calculations for Fishing Gear Designs
Coastal Fishery Projects: Construction, Maintenance and Development
Conservation of Fish and Shellfish Resources: Managing Diversity
Conservation Management of Freshwater Habitats: Lakes, Rivers and Wetlands
Crisis in the World's Fisheries: People, Problems, and Policies
Deep-Sea Demersal Fish and Fisheries
Evaluation of Seafood Freshness Quality (Food Science and Technology)
Fish and Fishery Products: Composition, Nutritive Properties and Stability
Fish, Markets, and Fishermen: The Economics of Overfishing
Fish Processing Technology
Fish Quality Control by Computer Vision
Fisheries Management in Crisis
Reinventing Fisheries Management
Fisheries Processing: Biotechnological Applications
Fishery Development Experiences
Fishing Ports and Markets
Freshwater Fisheries Management
Handbook of Fishery Technology
Inland Fisheries: Ecology and Management
Introduction to Wildlife and Fisheries: An Integrated Approach
Living Marine Resources: Their Utilization and Management
Management and Ecology of Lake and Reservoir Fisheries
Management and Ecology of River Fisheries
Management of Lakes and Ponds
Marine Invertebrate Fisheries: Their Assessment and Management
Marketing in Fisheries and Aquaculture
Models for Multispecies Management (Contributions to Economics)
Multilingual Dictionary of Fish and Fish Products
Multilingual Illustrated Guide to the World's Commercial Coldwater Fish
Multilingual Illustrated Guide to the World's Commercial Warmwater Fish
New Developments in Marine Biotechnology
Reinventing Fisheries Management
The Politics of Fishing
Pollution Control and Environmental Management for Aquaculture
Population Dynamics of Commercial Fish in Inland Reservoirs
Recreational Fisheries: Management, Theory, and Application
Recreational Fisheries: Social, Economic, and Aspects
Seafood: Resources, Nutritional Composition, and Preservation
Seafood Regulations Compliance Manual
Seafood Safety, Processing, and Biotechnology
Stock Assessment: Quantitative Methods and Aplications for Small-Scale Fisheries
Stocking and Introduction of Fish
Surveys of Fisheries Resources
World Fisheries Resources (Ocean Management and Policy)

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