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Pike: Biology and Exploitation
By John F. Craig (Editor) et al., Hardcover, 298 pages.

Pike and related fish form an important part of aquatic ecosystems and are also commercially very valuable. This title is an in-depth study and provides full coverage of the biology, ecology and exploitation of this important group of fish. Following an introductory chapter, aspects covered include reproduction, growth, energetics, diseases, parasites, population dynamics and the economic importance of pike fisheries and culture. It is the first time that such a wealth of important information on the genus has been gathered together making this book essential reading for anyone involved with pike including fish and aquatic or environmental biologists, ecologists, scientists and authorities.

Pike Fishing: The Practice and the Passion
By Mick Brown, Hardcover, 208 pages.

All pike anglers need a knowledge of their quarry and the best methods for catching it. This book provides both. All aspects and methods of pike fishing are covered, including live-baiting, dead-baiting, lure fishing, river fishing, and piking in all types of stillwater; and since the book is divided into the months of one year, each method is adapted to take account of seasonal conditions. For the novice piker, there is a treasure trove of knowledge and advice; for the expert, there are scores of tips for refining technique, and ultimately, for putting more fish in the net.

Pike: An In-Fisherman Handbook of Strategies
By Al Lindner, Paperback, 246 pages.

This book will help you understand the life cycle and behavior of Northern Pike. The techniques and stratigies described in this book will help you become a better and more productive Pike fisherman.

Northern Pike
By Will Ryan, Hardcover, 224 pages.

Here is a thorough and practical guide to all methods of fishing for northern pike-live bait, lures, and flies. Will Ryan begins Northern Pike by examining the habits, habitats, and life cycles of pike as they vary from winter to early spring, summer, and fall. Every successful pike-fishing method is thoroughly explored, including fishing with flies, lures, and bait, with a special chapter on ice fishing. This book not only gives detailed information on how to catch this fish at every time of year, but also gives practical advice on a variety of equipment, tips, and techniques. The history of pike fishing is also revealed, as Ryan traces fishing methods that were popular in the past and shows how they have evolved into the techniques used today. This book is the perfect companion for all anglers of this highly sought-after sport fish.

Northern Pike & Muskie
By Dick Sternberg, Hardcover, 160 pages.

This is a beautifully illustrated book full of valueable information that is helpful both to beginners and veteran fisherman, about the fish, tackle and tactics for catching. It is recommended for any person wanting to start hunting these monsters. It gives the beginner musky hunter good insight into the tackle needed, proven presentations, and behaviours of the fish. The pictures are great and the presentation is excellent.

Pike on the Fly: The Flyfishermans Guide to Northerns, Tigers, and Muskies
By Barry Reynolds, John Berryman, Lefty Kreh, Paperback, 160 pages.

The authors use a seasonal approach to teach you everything you need to know to catch northerns, tigers, and muskies on a fly. There are chapters on pike gear, favorite pike flies, fishing for trophy pike, and planning a trip to Canada, the pike angler’s mecca. Other chapters deal with flyfishing for pike in rivers, special tactics for tigers, and state-by-state pike fishing information, including top spots, state records, and stocking facts.

An annotated Bibliography of the Pike, Esox lucius
By Edwin John Crossman, J. M. Casselman, Hardcover, 386 pages.

An annotated Bibliography of the Muskellunge, Esox masquinongy
By Edwin John Crossman, Hardcover, 131 pages.

An annotated Bibliography of the Chain pickerel, Esox niger
By Edwin John Crossman, Hardcover, 81 pages.

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