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Carp pituitariesIn nature, reproductive development and spawning in finfish is controlled by environmental factors such as temperature, photoperiod, nutrition, water quality, and presence of spawning substrate. In aquaculture, it is not always possible or economically feasible to replicate natural conditions especially as many species are now grown some distance from their original geographic location. Thus, endocrine or a combination of endocrine and environmental manipulations are utilized to facilitate reproduction. In the last decade significant research has been conducted worldwide on ripening fish sexuality using various preparations.
Carp Pituitary Glands (CPG) are whole acetone dried pituitaries of carps, which and can be used to speed up maturation (induced maturation) as well as the spawning process itself (induced spawning). Intramuscular injections are highly effective in increasing the incidence of spawning as well as possibly increasing egg take in certain species. The potential economic benefits of taking eggs earlier in a given season or in fact eliminating seasonality altogether in certain climates and regions are significant. Carp pituitary extract contains a variety of pituitary hormones, including gonadotropins, which are effective for the induction of final maturation and ovulation in various fish species. The pituitaries are harvested before the spawning season from mature carps with a body weight of more than 1 kg. There are about 300-400 pituitaries per gram. Carp pituitaries are pulverized and than suspended in distilled water or physiological saline solution (0,9 %) and injected intramuscularly at a dose of 1-10 Milligram/kg fish. Available in vials of 1-10 Gramm (= 1000 Milligram).

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TRANQUILIZERS for aquatic animals

Eugénol-Methoxyphenol (Clove-oil) is obtained from the buds, leaves and stems of clove trees (Eugenia sp.). It is a very useful, natural and environmental friendly tranquilizer, which can be used for various fish species. A higher tolerance against longer exposure times gives a greater security and makes the application under practice condition much more easier. Because of the low dosage (30-90 ppm) there occurs also no alteration on taste of the meat of the fishes. Clove oil is more effective at reducing the short-term stress response induced by handling or manipulation, and is a recommended and widely used fish anesthetic. Available as pure oil in vials of 10-100 Milliliter.

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DESINFECTANTS for aquaculture

DesinfectantWe supply various chemicals for disinfection in aquaculture and aquaria. Some chemicals are in some countries only allowed for fish which are not used for human consumption, like eggs, spawners or ornamental fish.

The following chemicals are available:

Buffodine for equipment disinfection and especially for egg-disinfection;
for equipment disinfection and against gill diseases and bacterioses;
Wofasteril for equipment disinfection and against mycoses and bacterioses;
Virkon for equipment disinfection and against viroses and bacterioses;

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STARTERBACTERIA for recirculation systems

StarterbacteriaFor the startup and stabilization of biological filters in recirculation systems, but also for biological cleaning of water in culture or garden ponds, special bacteria sets have been developed. The highly active bacteria also help to stabilize existing or old filter systems. Available as liquid product in containers of 5 l or as dry product in containers of 400 g, each reaching for up to 50 m3.


Other hormones and chemicals on request!

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